Douglas E. Daugherty, Sr.


Doug is a life-long resident of Chattanooga and has a passion to see the city flourish in every way. Doug has worked in the world of not-for-profits for almost 40 years. He led the Chattanooga Resource Foundation for nearly 20 years. “My biggest concern is that the fabric of values which have made individuals, families, communities and strong and healthy are being pulled apart thread by thread.” Doug is a writer, community leader, consultant and social entrepreneur. He has served on many board and started numerous initiatives.

Doug is the father of six adult children and has been married to Sally for some 42 years.


Patrick Hampton

VP, Communications & Community Engagement

Patrick D. Hampton serves as a voice of strength for this generation.  Mr. Hampton's roles as a minister, educator, charter school administrator, advocate, and strategist have led to hundreds of speaking requests around the world. Hampton is passionate about his work. "The time is now," he asserts. "The citizens of today are the grassroots leaders of TODAY.  If we fail to engage Hamilton county citizens and sow the seeds of true education and empowerment into the next generation of leaders, we will be forced to reap the weeds of our ignorance versus the flowers of our love tomorrow."

Patrick is married to his middle school sweetheart Sherinda Hampton and they have four handsome boys, Caleb, Joshua, Israel and Noah.