Beacon Study: Education Savings Account(ESA)

Here are some of the report’s top findings. From a statewide ESA program, Tennessee could conservatively expect:

  • An increase in the number of high school graduates in the state by 13,480, leading to $2.9 billion in economic benefits by 2038;

  • An increase in overall personal income in the state by $683 million by 2038; and

  • Reduce the number of felons in the state by 15,451 and the number of misdemeanants by 21,380, producing societal benefits of $685 million by 2038.


Legislator’s Guide

The 108th General Assembly’s Guide to the Issues provides detailed free market policy recommendations on dozens of issues that will confront legislators in the coming years. We hope that you will find the information contained in this guide useful and insightful.

Velocity 2040

Velocity 2040

Chamber of Commerce Velocity 2040 Report

More than 5,000 Hamilton County residents took the survey. Residents shared their hopes and dreams for their community’s future and set the priorities for the Velocity 2040 plan. We took the ideas shared in that survey and put together the Velocity 2040 report that you can read right here. You can also view the results from our survey and see what your fellow Chattanooga and Hamilton County residents felt was important.