2019 Resolutions for a Better Hamilton County

Resolutions for a Better Hamilton County


With each new year comes new opportunities to become better individuals, parents, citizens and community leaders. In 2019, we, as an organization and as Hamilton County citizens ourselves, renew our vows to America’s first principles – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – with resolutions for each.


The phrase “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is more than a dusty statement lifted from the Declaration of Independence. Instead, it is a calling that should ring loud and clear in the hearts of all Americans – its citizens and those who represent them.


The first unalienable right in the phrase is Life, which is precious to us all. Protecting life means supporting the powers in place that help protect our people from harm. Expressing our utmost respect for our military and our first responders – including our police force, firefighters and EMTs -- are the least of ways we can resolve to protect life for all American citizens. Protecting life also means imposing laws that communicate a national abhorrence toward criminal harm in all its forms.


Liberty is defined as responsible use of the freedoms afforded to us so that we may live how we choose. Protecting liberty means empowering individual citizens and limiting the amount of government control on our thriving society so that we may pursue the livelihoods of our choosing. We believe that, if left unchecked, excess government involvement can become crippling to those who may desire more than what the State can provide. Concepts such as welfare, can potentially create dependencies which leave citizens out of the American dream – sometimes for generations. It is our duty to protect liberty by helping our fellow Americans come to understand the freedoms our forefathers fought for.


The pursuit of happiness is a broad term, as it should be. With the boundlessness of opportunity at its core, this right can be expressed in endless ways. Protecting the pursuit of happiness involves the removal of roadblocks that prevent our citizens from pursuing the careers, business endeavors and roles that will help them lead a productive life.

While it is our hopes that all Hamilton County citizens share in this commitment to our nation’s first principles, we aim to set an example and to be a guiding light for all who want to know why America is the greatest nation there is. This year, we will sponsor events that educate families about their inalienable rights, starting with the Father’s Summit on February 23 at Brainerd Crossroads. The gathering will connect fathers with child custody resources to help them exercise their right to be involved parents.


Our organization, Hamilton Flourishing, seeks to engage, educate and empower all Hamilton County citizens, helping them to renew their commitment to America’s founding principles – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We strive to promote civility as we encounter issues related to jobs, families, government, education and opportunity, as the least of these.

We invite you to share your resolutions for a better Hamilton County. Leave a comment or share this with your friends.


To learn more about Hamilton Flourishing, or to share your gifts through volunteerism, email info@hamiltonflourishing.org